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hello! would you mind uploading a zip archive?



Font worked super well with my game i just programmed, super clean! check it out over at:

Thank you for this awesome font! I'm currently using it in my open source project here!

Let me know what you think :)

Nice implementation. Regards!

Woah I love this font!

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Hey, wanted to let you know I'd like to purchase this font for use in my game but I keep getting Paypal errors (both with my paypal balance and a debit card). I've been able to complete other transactions okay with my account, so I'm wondering if it's something on your end? (Feel free to contact me at )

Hi Sean,

Your payment has been successfully processed.
I've sent you a backup of the font to your email (
Any question do not hesitate to reach me.


what is the suggested price to use it in a commercial project ?

Desktop, WEB, App, E-pub, Animation or Game project?

for a pc game project (a small multiplayer game)

You can use it commercially naming your own price, or not, as long as it's attributed to the author and never reach the 10,000 sales (ie. indie game development). If your game project is being published by a mainstream publisher, requires a license fee.

I might use this for a personal project (RPG project). Thanks for providing the font on this website.