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This is a great font. I use it a ton for testing in Godot. I think it has a great retro look and feel!

Maybe a dumb question, but I would like to use this on my phone, but it does not seem to work. Is it possible, and if yes, how?

Do you have plans for Portuguese characters? (ç, ã, õ, í á, é, ...)

Started plugging this font into some Unity projects. Love it

Hey, purchased! Would like to know ahead of time the format available though. It's way easier to use bitmap fonts in games (PNG in BMFont, or XNA style), TTF is not very useful and have to be converted (or fiddled around with settings), which takes more time. I'd expect a paid font to do have these variants, or at least a simple PNG with all of the glyphs.

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I have the font. It comes with 5 variants, all in .ttf format. No other formats included.

It takes an extra step or two, to integrate these TFF's. They are definitely worth it though

Yayyyy I found this in my bundle and I can always use more good pixel fonts, thanks!



Hey! First of all thanks for this awesome font type, it is amazing! Secondly, i just want to ask that i have got this font with the bundle but can i use this in my commercial project or do i have to pay extra to use in my commercial projects ? Maybe you add a licence file to zip to be more clear. If you answer I appreciate it <3.


Thanks. I'll add a license file into the zip. You can use the font you got with the bundle in your commercial projects without extra payment. You can not re-distribute the file, share or re-sell it.

Kind regards!

Hey there, you never updated the zip to have a license file. Anyway you could do so?

Updated license files.

Updated license files.


Thank you for this nice font 👍

Nice font